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The Melrose ultra lightweight three and four wheel tennis chairs offer plenty of camber to give you the edge in your tennis game. We also place your balance point directly over the camber bar to further increase your on court manoeuvibilty helping you to change direction and get to the ball faster.

The snug fitting free wheeling wheelchairs respond to upper torso movement to make the smaller changes in position required for smooth tennis strokes. The fit and restraint to the seat allows the chair to become an extension of your body.

Because we are a custom manufacturer your Melrose wheelchair will fit perfectly, however any adaptations you request to help you with your game will be added. We want you to be completely comfortable in your new Melrose Tennis Wheelchair.

Standard Specifications

  • Lightweight, extra compact, 3 or 4 wheel models
  • Complete custom fit-built to individual specifications for size, rake and camber
  • Fixed camber bars from 10°-20°
  • Adjustable back height, footplate length and wheel width
  • Quick release, 24" radial spoked wheels on high performance alloy rims
  • Rollerblade castors
  • Adjustable tension seat and back upholstery, skirt guards and foot strap
  • Grab handles, powdercoat finish

Options and Accessories

  • Upholstery with adjustable back, cushion, rigid skirt guards, waist strap and back bar cove
  • Wheels 25", 26" high performance, rubber coated pushrims
  • Tyres, smooth or tread, high pressure or solid KIK
  • Spoke guards, ABS on footplate
  • Front roller bar, anti tips, detachable bumper bar
  • Custom powder coat

Adjustable position frame

For the perfect fit

The adjustable Gazelle ensures you're seated in the perfect position just for you.

You can change the balance (axle position), the height at the front and rear of the seat, the dump and squeeze, your footplate height & angle and the seat back angle.

Having the chair fit can help trunk stability, balance and pushing, all important for any sport. You also transfer energy more efficiently and pushing the chair becomes more visceral and efficient.

The adjustable Gazelle is slightly heavier than the fixed position Gazelle, but you're a strong independant sporting hero and weight is no hindrance to you - now who was serving? .