The incredible Zenit – Rigid-frame feeling that folds in no time.

The Zenit is a folding wheelchair with the look and driving characteristics of a rigid frame wheelchair. Thanks to the patented Easy-Go folding system, the Zenit can be unfolded with very little effort.

The folding mechanism and the folding back constitute an unbeatable combination for obtaining an optimum transportation size. The Zenit is impressively lightweight without sacrificing stability and offers a variety of options for the user.

All of this is combined in the Zenit with a minimalist design and the available material mix. It can be ordered in all Ottobock colours in aluminium or as a carbon version.

Standard Specifications

  • Aluminium folding frame
  • Seat width 320 – 500 mm
  • Seat depth 340 – 500 mm
  • Front seat height 390 – 550 mm
  • Rear seat height 360 – 510 mm
  • Overall length 640 – 1040 mm
  • Overall width 495 – 710 mm
  • Overall height 620 – 1000 mm
  • Back height 250 – 500 mm
  • Lower leg length 160 – 510 mm
  • Folded width from 250 mm
  • Weight from 7 kg
  • Max. user weight 140 kg
  • Choice of front frame offset
  • Foldable leg support
  • Aluminium side panels
  • Back support upholstery adjustable
  • Calf strap
  • Drive wheels with quick release axles
  • Knee lever wheel lock 4.0

Options and Accessories

  • Anti-tips
  • Tip-assist
  • Scissor brakes
  • Carbon fibre frame
  • Fixed rear wheels (non adjustable)
  • Castor and fork selection
  • Push handle selection
  • Push rim selection


Flexible Features & Options
Why choose Us?

Small transportation sizeFor when your travelling

The transportation - and storage - size of the Zenit is very small thanks to the folding width and fold down back.

Why choose Us?

Angle adjustable backFind your comfortable position

The back of the Zenit is angle-adjustable so you can adjust your seating position to suit yourself and your pushing style.

Why choose Us?

Folding footplateMaking things easier

Another special feature of the Zenit is the footplate that folds automatically when folding the wheelchair.

Why choose Us?

Handy back bagStorage on the go

The back bag integrated into the back upholstery is easy for the user to reach and is equipped with a magnetic closure.

Why choose Us?

Material mixChoose your frame material

Your Zenit is available in elegant carbon or in aluminium. The latter version is available in all Ottobock colours including anodised colours.


Usable everyday functions


A broad range of equipment options makes life with a one-sided paralysis easier. With this wheelchair, everything was considered in order to make everyday life easier while simultaneously promoting movements, such as using the feet. Equipment examples include the wider foot space, channel forearm supports and one-hand operation.


Thanks to the low seat height, you can reach the floor easily and move the wheelchair with your feet – especially with the sound foot and as training for the affected foot. The foot space was also made larger – for even more freedom of movement.


Your wheelchair should be easy to transport. That is why the Start M3 Hemi can be folded in just a few steps. You end up with a slim piece of luggage!