The Melrose Hornet is designed and built to be a light-weight wheelchair with the strength to handle all enviroment's. We use Titanium because it has the highest strength to density ratio of any metallic element, - strength plus light-weight plays a major part in all wheelchair fabrication. It is fabricated and welded to the highest standard by our team of skilled engineers and welders.

The chair is completely custom built with camber, wheels sizes, seat width, depth and heights to your individual requirements. You also have the ability to adjust the camber bar position changing your balance point.

Standard Specifications

  • Titanium frame
  • Adjustable back height and folding back with bar release mechanism
  • Adjustable footplate height
  • Adjustable camber bar position
  • Quick release wheels spoked on alloy rims
  • A choice of rollerblade, 4", 5" solid, 6" solid, or wide castors
  • Seat height fixed at customer specified heights
  • High or low mounted push to lock brakes
  • Black fabric sling and back with leather trim
  • Leg strap and fabric skirt guards
  • Five-year frame warranty

Options and Accessories

  • Anti-tips
  • Adjustable back upholstery
  • Fabric or ABS footplate cover,Impact guards, castor covers
  • Bag under chair
  • Cushion, ABS skirt guards
  • Tyres high pressure tread or smooth, 24 x 1 solid KIK
  • Wheels available in spoked 22", 24", 25", 26" or BMX sizes
  • Composite or Spinergy wheels available
  • Spoke guards
  • Hill climber brakes, superlock brakes or sissor brakes
  • Ergonomically designed seating system
  • Push handles