If you require a folding wheelchair - look at the Condor. Its variations are designed to accommodate a wide range of different needs for people who have been affected by an injury or illness. Front hangers - that your footplates attach to - can be made at any angle and footplates can be "one piece drop in", "fixed, flip up" or "swing away flip up". The variations are endless. Well engineered moving parts ensure frame reliability and durability of this fully adjustable folding wheelchair.

Get moving in a Melrose Condor. View the specifications and different options available below.

Standard Specifications

  • Lightweight aluminium folding frames fabricated in three designs for child, adult and large adult
  • Three standard footplate styles
  • Quick release 24" spoked wheels on alloy rims
  • 5" solid or 6" pneumatic castors
  • High mounted locking brakes
  • Black fabric sling and back with leg strap
  • Five year frame warranty

Options and Accessories

  • Available in titanium
  • Arm rests, swing away tube or drop in deskpad type
  • Anti tips
  • Wide range of castors
  • Splayed back options
  • Adjustable back upholstery or reinforced options
  • Cushion, seat belt, skirt guards, bag under chair or back pack
  • Tyres, smooth or tread, high pressure or solid KIK and BMX
  • Wheels available in 25", 26" and BMX sizes
  • Hill climber brakes, superlock brakes
  • Spoke guards
  • Specialised footplate options