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Living Aids

Sheepskin Patient Turntable

Place the turntable on your chair or car seat to allow you to swivel round and face a different direction, rotates 360°, sheepskin cover, Max user 120kg.


Bees Knees Knee Pads

Protect your knees when you kneel on hard, cold or dangerous surfaces, recommended for trade or home use. Available in black or dark blue.



Reach hard to get items, reachers come in two lengths 26" and 32". Smooth, positive clamping action with ribbed jaws to increase gripping. Magnet for keys etc.

87360 - 26"
87380 - 32"

Arm / Leg Low Resistance Crank

Now you can do low resistance / passive rotational excercise on both your arms and legs. Features include grippy rubber feet and an adjustable resistance dial.


8" Household Scissors

Built in spring opens these scissors, all you have to do is place your fingers in the opening on the handle and squeeze together. A handy clip keeps scissors closed.


Shoe Horns

Up to 24" long, these shoehorns allow you to place your heel in your shoe without raising a sweat.


Kitchen Peelers

Useful for peeling fruit or vegetables the two different peelers allow for different peeling styles and both have large soft handles with grippy ribbed surfaces.


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